Are you in the Texas Gang Intellegence Index (TXGANG)?

Heading into the 2023 Legislative session, members in the Texas Council of Clubs & Independents, Texas Defenders, and legal counsel completed proposed legislation holding Texas DPS and submitting authorities accountable for how members of our community are entered into the database and clarifies a path to getting off. Over the next few months, we will discuss the details of this legislation at Regional meetings.

We are asking if you have been pulled over in your cut and the database has been mentioned, had pictures taken of your tattoos, your bike, and of your clothing, have attended a biker funeral that had a strong police presence; or know of someone who has, please request via the Public Information Request process to find out if you have been entered into the Texas Gang database.  Based on the criteria required to be submitted to the database, the information requested during the process will not place you in the database simply for asking. Follow the steps below to request that information.

  1. Go to this web address:
  2. Now you should be on a very simple page that says, “Public Information Request” and has a drop-down box in which you scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “Other.”
  3. This will bring up a page in which you will enter your name and other contact information, as well as a description of the requested information. In the box about the requested information, type the following: This request is to determine whether I am listed on the TX Gang or Criminal Intelligence database.  If I am listed in the database, I would like to know which agency submitted my name to the database and when they submitted it.” 
  4. After you submit this, someone from DPS will contact you and ask a few questions to confirm your identity. This is because the information cannot be released to anyone but you.
  • Complete Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Race/Sex
  • Driver’s License Number or ID Number
  • Relationship to the subject of the record (if not self)
  1. The response will read one of two ways:
  2. Based on the personal descriptors provided, the Department conducted a search of the TX Gang database on [DATE] and found a record matching the identifiers provided in your request below.” OR
  3. In response to your request below, the Department conducted a search on the personal descriptors provided within that request. As of [DATE], there were no records found within the TXGang database matching the information provided.”