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Legislative Strike Force

Who We Are

The Legislative Strike Force has invited all the state’s motorcycling community stakeholders to join our legislative team. To date we have the cooperation of the Texas Defenders/C.O.I.R. programs, the Texas Council of Clubs, former TMRA2 leadership, Abate, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition, MRF, TXDOT, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and the DPS Motorcycle and ATV safety unit. We have added legal scholars to our team as well.

On the Legislative front we have develop legislation to present during our annual Legislative Day activities at the Capitol, for which we have assumed the lead role in organizing. We are always working on several issues for motorcyclists dealing with motorcycle profiling, funding for motorcycle safety, training, education, and awareness projects throughout the state.

The reason we need your incident reports is to enable us to build a database of profiling abuse in the state and so that we may be able to point you to resources to help you in your case when possible.