Texas Defenders

The Texas Defenders is a grass roots manpower movement formed from within each Confederation of Clubs from every state. Composed of State Citizen Biker manpower from Motorcycle Clubs and C.O.I.R (Coalition of Independent Riders) representatives, the Texas Defenders work in solidarity for the common good of our communities and to defend the Constitution of these Unites States of America.


The Texas Defenders stand ready to implement and support motorcycle rights organizations and other organization’s “Call-to-Actions” that are identified as falling within each Confederation of Club’s agenda. The Texas Defenders also “Stand at the Ready” when it comes to assisting your State’s Civil Defense in emergency situations such as tornado or flood damage that may befall our communities.

Freedom from Motorcycle Profiling

Announcing the self-published release of Black Thursday a new book about motorcycle profiling and the struggle for the survival of motorcycle clubs in America. Written by David ‘Double D’ Devereaux, a nationally recognized motorcycle rights advocate and spokesperson for the

movement, Black Thursday chronicles the successful quest to pass a law addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling in Washington State, accompanied by photos, and the efforts being made to spread the message across America. 

Furthermore, Double D is a second generation member of the Outsiders motorcycle club from the Northwest, and the book explores life-changing memories. These include the night his father Gene survived a gunshot to the head and the events surrounding his brother Pigpen being unjustly branded a ‘Cop Killer’ dating back to December 1979.  Do not be misled, however. “If the reader is expecting a real life ‘Sons-of- Absurdity’ narrative they will be sadly disappointed.” This book is about the political fight against biker discrimination, profiling, and the struggle for the survival of a class, culture, and lifestyle.


This book is about the fight against motorcycle profiling and the struggle for the survival of motorcycle clubs in America.  This is a story about the transformation of motorcycle rights in Washington State, the power of motorcyclists as a grassroots political movement, and a second generation motorcycle club member that found a true path and passion:  to defend and help insure the survival of the biker community and way of life.

About the author:

David Devereaux is a motorcycle club member and rights advocate. Dedicated to advancing the rights base of marginalized and under-represented persons, David has over 20 years of public speaking and public policy experience.

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