Region 03 HOUSTON

COC&I Officers

Chairman – Rig Riders MC “Bulldog”

Co-Chair – Lost Inc. MC “Loop”

Secretary / Information Liaison – Fugitives MC “Gator”

Treasurer- Disciple Christian MC “Ken”

Webmaster – Fugitives MC “Gator”

Sargent at Arms
Sargent at Arms – ThaFam MC “Big Bodie”

C0-Chaplain – The Priesthood MC “Pyro”

C0-Chaplain – Soldiers for Jesus MC “John”

C.O.I.R. Officers

Currently open

Texas Defenders Officers

TX Defender Commander – Sons of Libery Riders MC “Jester”

State Legislation Liaison – Booze Fighters MC “Einstein”

Safety & Awareness

Currently open