Legislative Task Force

Who we are

The US Defenders Legislative Strike Force has invited all the state’s motorcycling community stakeholders to join our legislative team. To date we have the cooperation of the US Defenders/C.O.I.R. programs, the Texas Confederation of Clubs, former TMRA2 leadership, Abate, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition, MRF, TXDOT, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and the DPS Motorcycle and ATV safety unit. We have added legal scholars to our team as well.

In conjunction with the Strkie Force we are also developing our board of contributors as well as a communications team for web and social media presence. We want to make sure that what we are doing is communicated on a regular basis to all the community throughout the state.

On the Legislative front we have developed two pieces of legislation to present during our annual Legislative Day activities at the Capitol, for which we have assumed the lead role in organizing. Our first piece of legislation, a Red Light Bill, will allow a motor vehicle operator to pass through an intersection on a red light in the event the lights do not change; this bill is complete and ready for sponsorship. We are in the process of putting the final touches on a second, more complicated, piece of legislation which will provide funding for motorcycle safety, training, education, and awareness projects throughout the state. We will provide more detailed information regarding both pieces of legislation once we have identified sponsors in the Legislature.

The US Defenders Legislative Strike Force will be officially introduced at the NCOM Region 2 Convention to be held in Austin this November. We are excited and proud to serve the motorcycling community here in Texas. We are inviting any interested parties to participate in this historic endeavor with us. For more information about the new task force contact the US Defenders State Commander, Texas, Steve “Dozer” Cochran at sots.dozer@gmail.com.

The Texas Legislative Strike Force Team

Jude – jude@motorprotraining.com
Robin Warfield – robin_warfield@yahoo.com
DJ Jeffries – Daniel.Jeffries@ymail.com
Woody – rwells15k@gmail.com
Tanya Hilcher Gonzales – tmgonzo@gmail.com
Wes Brown – brown@centtech.com
Double D – doubledomc@gmail.com

What we are Accomplishing

Motorcycle Safety Fund

The Motrocycle Safety Fund is relating to providing revenue neutral motorcycle safety, training, and awareness to all motorcycle riders and drivers who Share the Road with motorcyclists, and the data driven reduction of motorcycle crashes on Texas roads; through education, training, awareness, and public outreach.

Incident Report

This information is necessary to document instances where possible profiling took place due to clothing, club or organization affiliation, or the simple fact that you were riding your motorcycle. Violations of your Constitutional Rights, harassment, or any other instances you feel may have been inappropriate should all be recorded via this report. No names, or contact information will be used unless it is deemed necessary when establishing patterns of harassment and/or profiling.  Please click here to fill out the report.