Safety and Awareness

 2021 Safety & Awareness Campaign

We are changing up the way we do the proclamation campaign, with an emphasis on getting the talking points out and educating the public in order to help save lives.

It is now a 2-part process. Proclamations are still needed in order to provide credibility for the newspaper articles. Proclamations show proof to the readers that their local mayor and city council members, along with the governor understand the importance of reducing crashes to its community.

Due to Covid-19 city council meetings will probably be held via teleconference so you may not get a picture with the mayor, but a group picture will still look amazing. You can still sign up to briefly talk and thank the mayor and council members. We have props you can use such as our banner, rider signs and yard signs.

The first step is to communicate with Spitfire and make sure the city you want to work with is available and so we can keep a list of whose doing what.

As far as the article goes, it can be as simple as including the talking points that we provide, or you can write up a personal story but please include the talking points. The goal is for the person reading the article that knows nothing about motorcycles will be able to learn how to safely share the roads with us.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to the Safety & Awareness Team. Let’s Educate the Public to Save Lives!


Proclamation Talking Points



  1. At stop lights, motorcycles will sometimes pull to the side of a car when traffic is stopped to avoid being hit from behind and to allow a way out quickly if needed.
  2. Motorcycles can DOWN SHIFT like “standard cars” as they are slowing down, so you may not see a brake light come on.
  3. Motorcyclist might use hand signals. Left and Right turn hand signals
    (show example of a HAND SIGNAL).
  4. Failure to yield the right of way while turning left – when turning left always look further down the road as motorcycles are smaller and look further away. Over THIRTY PERCENT of crashes occur this way. LOOK TWICE BEFORE TURNING LEFT.
  5. Motorcycles often ride in groups for their safety, so please DO NOT split up the riding group.
  6. Do not follow too closely. Allow motorcycles plenty of space for the rider to react to what might be happening ahead on the road. A motorcyclist’s riding patterns are different from a car (we may need to swerve to miss debris on the road or to navigate around the pothole). We need our whole lane to navigate, to what might be on the road ahead of us.
  7. Turn your head to look for motorcycles in your blind spots.
  8. Motorcycles are closer than they appear. LOOK TWICE FOR MOTORCYCLES! It’s hard to judge our speed and distance from you, as our motorcycles are smaller than your vehicles.
  9. Please don’t sweep your grass clippings on the streets this is a hazard to motorcycles.

*The life you may be saving could be your child’s favorite teacher, your neighbor or even your pastor.

Bikers are in all professions, there is NO EXCUSE for
“I didn’t see the motorcycle!”

Download this information as a pdf

Ride Safe in Texas

Share the Road
In the past, the Ride Safe in Texas Group worked to expand installation of Share the Road decals on “Watch for Ice on Bridge” signs.
phased them out and do not have the funding to replace the decals. They are no longer installing the flip signs. We may still see a few out and about but they will eventually replace all of them.
Lets hope that we can get them funded again.
Texas Defenders & COIR attend and support proclamation meetings and Share the Road presentations help to support getting the word out about safety and awareness to Mayors, Council members and residents in each community. Additionally, the group meets to gain support from the 
Governor and many State Representatives and County Judges, to assist us in a larger knowledge base on bills and ordinances that the community hopes to influence.


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