March 8 2021 Call to Action


Due to the hard work of your Texas COC&I team and partnering groups, we have 3 bills we will need your help to raise support in order to build interest entering the Committee hearing process. We need each and everyone of you to call your local Texas House of Representative and request that they co-sponsor the bills below. Now that these bills are filed it is up to this Community to make the noise to get them passed. Below is a brief example of what you might say when calling or writing your Legislator. Additionally, we have also included a link to find out who your Legislator is if you are unsure. As you read this understand, while many patch holders are faced with this being a “reactive” effort answering the attack on Constitutional rights, you Independents are afforded the luxury of a “proactive” opportunity to protect your right ride free without being targeted for your chosen form of transportation or method of dress. We need everyone together, in the same boat, rowing in the same direction to get this done.
Thank you and as always, LOUD BIKERS SAVE RIGHTS!!

Who represents me? Go to our main page and scroll down

Example of what you could say,

“Hello, my name is ________________and I am your constituent from the __________________ area. It is important to me and my family to see Representative ___________ to show (his/her) support by co-sponsoring the following three bills.

  • HB 1837, relating to motorcycle profiling by peace officers because no one should be targeted for harassment and data collection simply for choosing to ride a motorcycle or for the type of clothing they choose to wear.
  • HB1838, relating to intelligence databases for combinations and criminal street gangs, because our community has witnessed the arbitrary inclusion of motorcyclists into the Texas Gang Database who do not have an affiliation with known or defined street gangs identified by Texas DPS threat assessment reports. Although this was designed to be an investigatory tool not to infringe on anyone’s rights, it has turned into a punitive list to chill Constitutional rights as agreed upon by two Federal judges in El Paso and Bexar Counties. Many others have come forward reporting their inclusion and describing the impossible task of getting off of the list and the negative impact it has had on their professional and personal lives. All without due process.
  • HB 2967, relating to the unlawful carrying of a handgun in a motor vehicle or watercraft, which is designed to offer relief for those who have never convicted of a felony, have a License to Carry by the State of Texas, but without the right of due process, have been arrested or gun confiscated due to a misapplication of Texas Penal Code 46.02.

There are over 330,000 motorcyclists in the great State of Texas and I am asking for your support to legislation to secure all of our rights for the future.

(Your Name)”

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